Michaelmas part II

The dragon is done!
Bedtime story is “The hungry dragon”, and it’s hilarious as I read in English and translate as I go. It’s the third time I’ve read this and I will do so every night of this week so we can make a short play by the weekend (suggested by kid number 1).
We talk about the story being written in English and I read it again, in the original language. My mr Dragon story comes alive with a British accent and when I’m done, kid number 2 informs me I sound like a character of Harry Potter.
And I have to guess which.
So he asks “which character in Harry Potter has that accent?”
And very quickly kid number 1 replies “ALL OF THEM!”
I couldn’t hold the laughter!
After some failed guesses he asked me to say something like “the boy with the orange hair”, and my immediate response was “bloody hell!”.
More giggles.
“You guessed it! You sound like RON!”
Well then, my day is done.
You can find “The hungry Dragon” story here along with a pancake recipe!

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