Michaelmas part III

The next day…
Before i read “The hungry Dragon” I ask both kid number 1 and kid number 2 to tell me in their own words, the story.
They do incredibly well and with this I become aware of their favorite scenes.
The story is short enough to be memorized but with plenty of details to work with.
We draw the letter D for dragon and kid number 2 writes the word with little assistance. There are seven letters he still struggles with so it’s perfect that D is one of them.
Kid number 2 writes a short text about what the story is about and off they go into modeling. I’m surprised to see the hours go by and with little effort to make the schedule work.
Everything really flows (but don’t worry, there was a little resistance here and there, mostly because I’m not a robot and I actually need to think before activities.)
Before making dragons in clay, they consulted the big book of dragons to pick which one they wanted to create.
One baby and a three headed dragon later, we are done for some free modeling.
Lunch and I cut the day short because I see some attitude issues arising and decide its best to take a rest.
My watercolor gets finished (I made one in Portuguese and another in English, which serves as learning too!) and I make plans for tomorrow.
Later they found out they could order some playing cards through post and wanted to know how much money they would need, knowing how much five regular cards cost and how much the special cards cost, it was a little unplanned math lesson.
Which was cool.

Tomorrow we bake the dragon bread!
See you then!

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