Michaelmas part VI

It was a good calm Friday, the rain started early, the skies turned grey, it was a perfect turning of the season day.

I’m not very fond of rain, no, specially when you need to go out to but groceries with two kids. But I do like the smell that lingers on the wet earth afterwards, how the plants seem to song and really enjoy the drops of fresh water.
And I like the sound of water against glass, it brings me to a nostalgic place of school days, staring out the window, dreaming.

And that’s the best mood setter for indoor activities, a little dreamy, fresh, dim light…

We got started on the swords!
Because I couldn’t find wood, this time I went with cardboard… which had been given to us by the ladies at the fabric store – so perfect.
As we already had a wooden sword made by kid number 1 – from when she was in Waldorf kindergarten – we used it for tracing our new swords.
Both kid 1 and kid 2 had a pretty good idea of what they wanted to do so it was a smooth sail.
… I ended up doing the cutting because the cardboard was incredibly thick.
But they did the painting (watercolor) and the glueing and knots on the yarn.
Kid number 2 asked me if I could help him make a rainbow, which is a little big step and I’m proud of him.

While the swords were left to dry, we moved on to Color Study, with our primary colors, making transitional paintings.
The slow process helps them focus and really slow down, both in their rhythm and drawing activity.
We started with red, then added yellow to create orange.
Kid 1 is a perfectionist, so the paper gets neatly divided in three by the colors.
Kid 2 is chaos, except when he’s in the water, or painting.
And ever since I showed him how to blend colors he seems to be mesmerized by the process.
I mean, he really slows down, that red and orange blend in harmony, followed by yellow.

We do blue next, also adding yellow, making a beautiful green shade.
This time kid number 1 takes her time, loosens up a little and her paper no longer presents a stiff separation of colors.
I think she knows this as well.

And finally, the rainbow.
I guess it’s just as magic to them as it is to me that 3 colors can make such a spectacular view.
As expected, by the third painting they are both immersed on their blending and I observe their expressions as the colors change to what they were expecting… hoping actually.
It’s that hopeful magic “make it work!” that grown ups sometimes misplace.

I know for a fact that blue and yellow makes green but it always amazes me that it actually turns green every time.

Slowly a rainbow appears and I see the triumphant look on their faces.
We are done.
I could do several other paintings but I’ve come to learn that it’s best to not overdo something.
Monday is our watercolor day, and today’s art was just a little taste of unscheduled fun.
And I know that next time we do Color Study, they will know what to expect and enjoy it more.
I want to start finger knitting with kid number 2 soon, so I get a ball of yarn and start telling a story.
Despite them telling me they wanted to go outside and play in the rain, as soon as I start telling a story without a book! they focus their attention on me.
So I tell the story of the shepherd and his sheep and create a loop and start knitting.
I knit, knit, one sheep into the fence, and another… and suddenly I take the yarn off my finger and show the knitted chord.
Kid 2 lets out a loud “Ha!” and a smile, clearly amused by the magic.

It’s adorable.

I’m going to let it sleep in their heart over the weekend and next week ill tell the story again and teach them the how to.
Story time done and yes, time to go outside, the first rain deserves a good play,lots of running and silly singing in the rain.
And a warm bath at candle light afterwards.

“Mom, do we have cucumbers? We need slices for our eyes, this is our spa.”
It was a good week and I’m incredibly exhausted.
Mentally exhausted.
No, wait. It’s physical.
I need a spa too. Teehee.

All the activities we do are found in books I own and read about Waldorf Education. If you are reading this you probably read them as well. In case you need more details about a specific activity or have questions, feel free to comment, I’d be happy to do some “How to” posts.

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