Vanessa Snow lives in sunny Europe with a human duo known as kid 1 and kid 2 and their fictional pets; Lola the goose and Tomoya the turtle.

She is very much into photowalks, which is her favorite way to see the world and if allowed would probably walk from country to country.
Has a special ability to decode patterns, learning languages and finding red.
Her favorite season is Autumn, and she is very fond of Hobbits.
And second breakfast.

Kid number 1 has a long list of things she would like to be when she grows up and until she does, she is going to try them all.
Often at the same time.
Can be seen dancing, reading, drawing and or planning her wedding to her blue eyed boy.
Hobbits make her really really happy.

Kid number 2 likes cooking and serious dirt activities.
Anything water related soothes his soul and more often than not, wishes he could play more video games.
Although he is very good at bringing his favorite characters to life, in drawings, plays and amazing voice performances.

They are both avid little surfers.

This is the journey through homeschool, waldorf lifestyle, photography, knitting and daily life beauty with room for words.
All wrapped in a bow of rock music and sense of humor.

Life is like a rock concert accompanied by three violins and a cello.
A lead singer dressed in black hand in hand with a ballerina on a white tutu.

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